Until Then

J (j.ae)

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Opening up your mind, is a hard thing
Tired of the past love, i'll be with you
You must feel it, that tears are calling me
Everyday you're by yourself, in case it's rough...
I can't get any sleep, my heart is huting too much

I'll go and be with you... i'll love you
I'll come closer to you first
I'll make all the lasting scars go away
As i'm wishing for you to come to me first...
Because it takes more strength to wait

I'm not your love, so i'll understand
Even if they are sad memories, together we can share
It's okay, if everyone calls me stupid
I want you more
I'll become the girl you can lean on


I'm not sorry
Because it's for receiving love, until whenever
Don't give me your heart
Even if i am sad, i don't have any regrets
Because i'm doing all of this for you, loving for you
I don't wish for anything else
When you meet another love

Just until then, stay by my side
When then comes, i'll send you away

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